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Bill Steigerwald, the oldest member of the Steigerwald media brothers John and Paul, is a veteran journalist from Pittsburgh who worked at the Los Angeles Times in the 1980s, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in the 1990s and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review in the 2000s. His weekly Q&As with important, newsy and interesting people and libertarian op-ed columns were nationally syndicated for about five years at His freelance articles, interviews and commentaries have appeared in many of the major newspapers in the USA and in magazines like Reason, Penthouse and Family Circle. He retired from the daily newspaper business in March 2009. He and his wife Trudi live south of Pittsburgh in the woods.

Steigerwald’s new nonfiction book 30 Days a Black Man tells the amazing but forgotten story about an undercover mission by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette star reporter Ray Sprigle into the Jim Crow South in 1948. Sprigle’s nationally syndicated series “In the Land of Jim Crow” exposed the iniquities and humiliations suffered by ten million black Americans in the segregated South. It shocked the white people of the North, angered the South and started the first national debate in the media about ending America’s legal apartheid. Kirkus Review called 30 Days a Black Man is “a fascinating account of an anti-Jim Crow muckraking adventure…” that Steigerwald turned “into rollicking, haunting American history.”

In 2010 Steigerwald faithfully retraced John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley road trip of 1960 and wrote Dogging Steinbeck. A travel book that explored Flyover Country and its people, “DS” exposed the many fictions and fibs Steinbeck put into “Charley” and forced its publisher to admit after fifty years that it was a work of fiction, not nonfiction.


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